Nonprofits in the Digital Age – Focus Group Opportunity

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Nonprofits in the Digital Age – Focus Group Opportunity

Dr. Alicia Schatteman is teaching an undergraduate class at NIU about the use of technology by nonprofits. She is looking for organizations who are interested in talking about a few of their technology issues and receiving feedback from students during the semester.

These issues would be used in exercises during class. The nonprofit organization would receive any feedback or suggestions from the students. Dr. Schatteman is looking for discrete issues that students can quickly give feedback on over the course of one or two class sessions. The course covers many topics such as measuring online impact, online advocacy, websites, social media plans, apps, assistive technologies, online fundraising, and data visualization.

The concept of this opportunity would be to have students look at the nonprofit’s website and give some critical feedback about overall look or functionality, or critique the organization’s social media channels as they relate to recruiting college students as volunteers (for example). An invitation would be extended to any participating community partners to join the class at the end of the semester (May 8, 2018) to discuss and receive the students’ feedback.

If you are interested, please email Dr. Schatteman at


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