Intern Alum Spotlight – Jennifer Komis

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December 14, 2018
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Intern Alum Spotlight – Jennifer Komis

Jennifer is an alum of the DCNP Internship Program where she interned with DeKalb Area Agricultural Heritage Association. She currently works as the Senior Intake & Referral Specialist for DuPage County Community Services. Here is what Jennifer had to say about her internship experience and how it impacts her today:

Q: How did the Internship Program assist you in your search for a professional job?

My internship assisted me by providing work experience to add to my resume.  After completing my internship, I was able to show potential employers that I had concrete job experience working with an agency. I believe that this is what helped me to enter my current position.

Q: How do you use the experience you gained in your internship in your career now?

I use the knowledge gained through my internship daily in my current position. Now employed in the Community Services Department of a local government branch, I am responsible for working with clients and other agencies to provide programs and services to eligible residents. In a lead position, I am constantly triaging tasks, managing multiple projects, and engaging in outreach with clients and other local agencies to create partnerships. The knowledge I received through the DCNP Internship has given me the ability to excel at all these job duties.

Q: What impact has the Internship Program had on the person you are today?

The Internship Program has raised my confidence in my ability to succeed at an agency. Before the internship, working at a nonprofit was something abstract. I had learned about the responsibilities of many agency roles through my classes; however, it was my DCNP Internship that truly showed me the skills and dedication required to succeed in my employment. Finally, being a DCNP Intern has also allowed me to join a network of other program graduates, many of whom I still maintain professional contact with in my current position.

Q: Please share any additional comments you have about our internship experience.

I continue to be grateful for the opportunities that NGOLD and DCNP have given me. Because of the knowledge and experience gained as a CLCE graduate and DCNP Intern, I was able to find employment almost immediately upon graduation, and have been promoted twice in the past two years! I greatly appreciate the Roberts Family Foundation’s generous assistance.


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