Intern Spotlight – Kayla Kroesch

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Intern Spotlight – Kayla Kroesch

Kayla Kroesch is a junior who is majoring in Psychology and Nonprofit and NGO Studies. She is currently an intern at United Leukodystrophy Foundation for the Spring 2019 semester.

Here is what Kayla had to say about her internship experience so far:

Q: What projects are you working on as an intern?

Kayla: I am working on planning a fundraiser currently and will be hosting towards the end of March or early April.

Q: What is the biggest benefit and/or the coolest part of your internship experience?

Kayla: The coolest part of my internship is essentially learning the ins and outs of the organization. I also enjoyed learning about how transparent they are wanting to be. I also like learning what my supervisor does because she is the organization’s office manager, so I get to take on and learn some of the basics as well as complex tasks/projects.

Q: In your opinion, why should students pursue internship opportunities?

Kayla: I believe it helps build experiences even if it is minor. I have even learned some of the simplest things such as copying and various organization methods. It also helps build networks and is great to include on a resume. I have even been asked to come work with them during the Fall 2019 semester.

Q: Please share any additional comments you have about your internship experience. 

Kayla: Thank you so much to the Roberts Family Foundation for your support! Without it we may not have these types of experiences and I am extremely grateful for this.

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