Intern Alum Spotlight – Brian Joanis

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February 1, 2021
Intern Alum Spotlight – Katie Olcott
March 1, 2021
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Intern Alum Spotlight – Brian Joanis

Brian participated in the Internship Program in the Spring of 2017, interning with Fox Valley Community Services. His internship gave him practical experience that he used to move forward in his career. After completing graduate school, Brian now works in local government.

Q: What was the biggest benefit and/or the best part of your internship experience?

Brian: The biggest benefit was being a part of the operations of a nonprofit and gaining an understanding of the inner workings of staff and programs. I was also blessed to witness the direct outcomes of adult day care services and became close with many beneficiaries and staff members.

Q: In your opinion, why should students pursue internship opportunities?

Brian: Internships are one of the rare opportunities where undergraduate students have access to gain practical work experience and develop a professional network to kickstart a career.

Q: What are you up to now?

Brian: I completed my MPA program at NIU in summer of 2020 and currently work for the Village of Roselle as a Management Analyst in the Administration Department. I have had the privilege of witnessing how the public and nonprofit sector work together to solve community issues.

Q: Please share any additional comments you have about your internship experience. 

Brian: The Roberts Family Foundation gave me a chance to put the nonprofit theories and classroom discussions into practice. The experience prepared me for another internship for a municipality and led to the start of my career in the public sector. I will forever be grateful for the DCNP and the Roberts Family Foundation for recognizing the importance of practical experience.

The Internship Program is a collaboration between the DeKalb County Nonprofit Partnership, the Center for Nonprofit Studies, and Career Services at Northern Illinois University, supported by the Douglas C. and Lynn M. Roberts Family Foundation.

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