Bonus Pool Reaches $100,000!

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April 17, 2021
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May 3, 2021
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Bonus Pool Reaches $100,000!

Outpouring of Support from Community Partners

We’re very excited to announce that the Give DeKalb County Bonus Pool has topped $100,000, thanks to the extraordinary generosity of Community Partners!

The Bonus Pool BOOSTS every dollar donated during Give DeKalb County and 100 percent of the Bonus Pool is passed on to participating DCNP-member nonprofit organizations.

There are multiple benefits of the Bonus Pool, most importantly:

  1. The entire Bonus Pool is distributed to participating nonprofits, providing valuable unrestricted funding.
  2. The Bonus Pool encourages more donations from donors because they know their gifts are boosted during Give DeKalb County!
  3. Donations made online and by mail are eligible to leverage funds from the Bonus Pool—learn more about Ways to Give.

How It Works

The Bonus Pool is awarded to all participating nonprofits based on the percentage of the overall Give DeKalb County total they raise. For example: If a nonprofit raises 2% of our grand total, they will receive 2% of the Bonus Pool…if they raise 5% of the grand total, they get 5% of the Bonus Pool. Basically, the Bonus Pool ensures that every donation goes a little bit further during Give DeKalb County.

Visit to view a list of Community Partners or to learn more about the Bonus Pool!

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