Intern Spotlight – Brittany Blomquist

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April 19, 2021
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Intern Spotlight – Brittany Blomquist

Brittany interned with Fox Valley Community Services as part of the Internship Program during the Spring 2021 semester. Brittany is a Nonprofit & NGO Studies and Cultural Anthropology double major.

Q: What project(s) you are working on as an intern?

Brittany: I am working on promotional brochure design, Give DeKalb County fundraising promotion, creation of an electronic email list and electronic communication program, and creating graphic design tutorials for use with Canva.

Q: What is the biggest benefit and/or the best part of your internship experience?

Brittany: The best part of my internship has been the opportunity to work with a local agency on developing different types of communication. For example, the message produced for one audience, like program participants, may vary from the message given to another audience, like potential donors for a project. Because Fox Valley Community Services is a local agency, the work it does in the community is relevant and has a direct impact on me, as well, through providing services to individuals I know personally. It is great to see the difference nonprofits make in their communities!

Q: In your opinion, why should students pursue internship opportunities?

Brittany: Internship opportunities provide students with a direct experiences in the nonprofit sector, as well as experiential learning in their chosen field. These opportunities can help students confirm their choice of major or career path while enabling them to hone skills for future careers. Internship opportunities also provide students with new networks in the nonprofit sector, aiding students in finding career opportunities after graduation.

Q: Please share any additional comments you have about your internship experience. 

Brittany: Without the generous support of the Roberts Family Foundation, I would not have been able to participate as an intern at Fox Valley Community Services. This internship has given me the opportunity to learn about nonprofits in a “hands on” way, demonstrating how best practice theories are applied in real ways. This experience has provided me with a level of confidence in my own knowledge and skills; one that I can bring with me to a job in the nonprofit sector, following graduation. Thank you!

The Internship Program is a collaboration between the DeKalb County Nonprofit Partnership, the Center for Nonprofit Studies, and Career Services at Northern Illinois University, supported by the Douglas C. and Lynn M. Roberts Family Foundation.

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