Intern Spotlight – Jacob Burg

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January 15, 2022
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Intern Spotlight – Jacob Burg

Jacob Burg is a Nonprofit and NGO Studies and Political Science major with minors in Spanish & Latin and Latino American Studies. He served as an intern with Kishwaukee Symphony Orchestra last fall as part of the Internship Program.

Q: What project(s) are you working on as an intern?

Jacob: In this internship I have worked on a few different projects such as modernizing the Music Library, creating ticket information, and creating a more user friendly and interesting website interface. I have learned SO much with the KSO so far. Some examples include larger aspects of nonprofit work such as conflict management, publicizing events, marketing, and public relations. Smaller, yet just as important lessons include, professional email correspondence, filing, and addressing and providing recommendations to the board.

Q: What is the biggest benefit and/or the best part of your internship experience?

Jacob: By far my favorite thing about this internship is engaging with something outside of my comfort zone. Being a part of an organization that wishes to share the power and joy of the arts with the community is not typically something I would find myself in. Being so accepted and empowered by Tamara Farrell and the KSO’s board of directors has been such a blessing, and being able to work alongside them while they better the community is just SUCH a blast. With the work that myself and my mentor have been doing, we are seeing a move toward a more structurally secure music database, as well as better connections between the organization and the DeKalb region.

Q: In your opinion, why should students pursue internship opportunities?

Jacob: Internship opportunities allow for us to not only learn in ‘real life ways’ all the things we study in course work, but also allow for us to gain hands on experience that just simply cannot be replicated in a class. Also, they are great opportunities to expand your network and interpersonal skills!

Q: Please share any additional comments you have about your internship experience. 

Jacob: I sincerely thank the Roberts Family Foundation for this opportunity! Without this stipend, I would not be able to really devote myself to this learning experience and would be forced to limit all of the fun that I currently get to be a part of! Truly, thank you.

The Internship Program is a collaboration between the DeKalb County Nonprofit Partnership, the Center for Nonprofit and NGO Studies, and Career Services at Northern Illinois University, supported by the Douglas C. and Lynn M. Roberts Family Foundation.

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