Intern Alum Spotlight – Wilfredo Najarro

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Intern Alum Spotlight – Wilfredo Najarro

Wilfredo participated in the Internship Program at We Care Pregnancy Clinic during the fall semester of 2017. He was a Political Science and Nonprofit & NGO Studies major with a minor in Sociology at Northern Illinois University.

Q: What was the biggest benefit and/or the best part of your internship experience?

Wilfredo: The biggest benefit was gaining professional experience that stands out in my resume. I am consistently being asked about this internship in my resume, even when I was interviewing with law firms. Additionally, it gave me real life insight into what it was like to work at a nonprofit. I had to come up with a creative solution to address the needs of the nonprofit.

Q: In your opinion, why should students pursue internship opportunities?

Wilfredo: Above anything else employers want to see experience. They want to see that you have taken the time to develop a professional set of skills that they can use. The time to start this development is in undergrad. It also provides a key insight into possible career choices, my internships in undergrad ranged from Adult Probation, WeCare Pregnancy to interning with Judge Snyder helped shaped what I wanted to do in life. These experiences have proved crucial to my professional development.

Q: What are you up to now?

Wilfredo: Currently I am attending law school at the University of Wisconsin in Madison. I am entering my last year this coming fall. These past two summers I have been working at a law firm in Milwaukee called Godfrey and Kahn.

Q: Please share any additional comments you have about your internship experience. 

Wilfredo: The funding of this internship from the Roberts Family Foundation was crucial to my participation in it. I had to work during undergrad and without funding it would have proved too difficult to do. I am truly thankful for the opportunity to participate in this internship.

The Internship Program is a collaboration between the DeKalb County Nonprofit Partnership, the Center for Nonprofit Studies, and Career Services at Northern Illinois University, supported by the Douglas C. and Lynn M. Roberts Family Foundation.

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