The DeKalb County Community Foundation hired its first full-time DCNP staff member in February 2016. The DCNP Director is responsible for our financial management; coordinating trainings, professional development, programs, and special initiatives such as Give DeKalb County; overseeing membership benefits; enacting our communications plan; and ultimately, implementing the DCNP strategic plan.

Ben Bingle

DCNP Director

Ben joined the Community Foundation in 2016. He has led local, statewide, and federal initiatives, designed and evaluated programs, raised funds, and directed large scale contract-based research.

Ben earned his bachelor’s degree from Monmouth College, received a Master of Public Administration from Drake University, and completed his doctorate at Northern Illinois University.

Marc Hooks

Grants & Community Initiatives Manager

Marc's nonprofit experience began as an undergrad as part of the Internship Program coordinated by DCNP. He also interned in Washington D.C. with a member of Congress and interned with a municipality. Marc has experience in project management, fundraising, and research.

Marc received his bachelor’s degree in Nonprofit and NGO Studies and a Master of Public Administration, both from Northern Illinois University.