Feedback to Enhance Your Website & Facebook Pages

We partner with the University Honors Program at Northern Illinois University to offer the Website Once-Over Opportunity (WOO) and the Social Media Once-Over Opportunity (SMOO), free of charge for DCNP members! These opportunities allow DCNP members to get honest, unbiased, and helpful feedback about their organization’s website and Facebook page.


  • Enhance website and Facebook pages of participating nonprofit organizations through structured, external feedback from students that have attended training on best practices.
  • Provide students with a remote critical thinking/civic engagement experience and an opportunity to learn about local organizations.

Typical Process

  1. DCNP members are invited to apply
  2. NIU University Honors students decide to participate
  3. Students receive training from NIU’s Division of Enrollment Management, Marketing and Communications
  4. A student will review your organization’s website or Facebook page and provide feedback using a standardized form
  5. Each student will send their review along with recommendations to the organizational contact you provide in your application


The WOO and SMOO take place on a semester-based timeline. They are not offered during the same semester; rather, they are typically offered on a rotating basis to provide students and organizations with variety. Organizations may participate in both and can repeat the experience to gain feedback from new students or to get input after incorporating changes.

Note: Although the students receive training, please remember, these are undergraduate students from varying backgrounds. This is not a professional website/social media audit. The goal is to provide you with an unbiased review from the perspective of a student/young adult and to provide the student with a meaningful remote volunteer experience.