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The Philosopher Manager Series

DCNP is pleased to partner with Paul LaLonde to offer this 3-part series that is bound to get you thinking!

  1. September 29, 11-noon: Lead by Doing the Right Thing
  2. October 20, 11-noon: Happiness and Wellbeing Is What You Make It
  3. November 10, 11-noon: Communicate Like a Philosopher


Philosophy has a bad rap. It’s boring, impractical, and only for old bearded White guys! All these excuses are rubbish. If you know where to look, philosophy can be incredibly thought-provoking, lead to real-world business (and personal) solutions, and has many incredibly diverse thinkers from which to draw wisdom. Most of all, philosophy is not meant to be studied in hallowed halls kept secret from everyone else. The famous Stoic philosopher Epictetus said philosophy is for everyone. It’s about living your best life and acting on what is right. That’s philosophy. So, whether you’re building a strategic plan, recruiting volunteers, cooking dinner, or putting your kids to bed, take to heart and act on what is right. When you do, know that you are a philosopher. Join DCNP for this 3-part series, which offers thought-provoking fun and real-world solutions!

This series connects contemporary themes such as leadership, ethics, accountability, mental health, burnout, resilience, and communications, with age-old lessons from philosophers. Regardless of your role within the organization, if you’re looking for thought-provoking content mixed with practical techniques, this series is for you! 


Paul LaLonde, MPA, SHRM-CP – Vice President of People & Culture, CEDA of Cook County, Inc.

Paul LaLonde is the Vice President of People & Culture at CEDA of Cook County, Inc., a community action agency nonprofit organization that helps low-income people throughout Cook County, Illinois. He is also the owner of HR Logic, a small consulting side gig specializing in helping nonprofits solve their HR challenges. Paul is passionate about people and doing the right thing. He draws from a broad range of experiences as a nonprofit professional, public speaker, adjunct professor, and writer on his blog the HR Philosopher to inspire others to pursue philosophy as a means to better their selves and relationships. Paul lives in the Chicago suburbs with his wife Christin, sons Ewan and Cian, and their disobedient cat. Connect with him on Twitter (@HRPaul49) and LinkedIn.

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